Letter: Reader and America have had enough

Six months of the Trump presidency and I have had it. Enough is enough!

It’s very disturbing and yet illustrative to see what is rising ever so slowly to the top. It is not the cream. It is the scum of “The Swamp.”

It took years to fill the D.C. cesspool/swamp. President Donald Trump ran and won based on his promise to “drain the swamp.” The message resonated with those who voted for him and who pay attention to politics. We have smelled it for years, especially the prior eight years. No need for details now. Just words: Benghazi video blame, Fast and Furious, apology tours, IRS/Lerner, Hillary, Rice, Comey, Lynch/Bill Clinton, Uma, Maxine, Nancy, BLM, riots, emails, unmasking, conflicts of interest, open borders, sanctuary cities, bad prisoner exchanges, Russian meddling, Syria red line, keep your doctor/your plan/lower costs, CNN, fake news, news leaks, more gun control, plead the 5th, JV team, “resistance” and on and on. Enough!

The press never saw the election of President Trump coming? Nope! In fact, many still refuse to accept it and put it behind them, obviously preferring to wallow in it instead.

It’s a fine kettle of D.C. rotten fish too many cooks have made over the years for “we the people” and it smells and tastes worse than Swedish Surströmming.

No more for me, thanks. America and I have had enough!

Thank God America has a new and different commander in chef. Time for others to step aside and let him start cooking.

Pete Larson

Cedar Rapids


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