Letter: Personal rights are under attack

Religious extremists have hijacked the Republican party and declared war on citizens’ right to free choice in personal and private affairs.

All the attacks on Planned Parenthood, birth control, and the right to doctor-assisted humane ending for the ill and suffering who want such a humane ending are coming from the religious extremists. They’re not satisfied with running their own private and personal affairs, but want to rule over everyone else, too. Religion has been like this all throughout human history. They’ll force their archaic and oppressive standards into law and onto everyone else.

If the religious extremists had their way completely, we’d have forced marriages, women forced to be pregnant all the time, forced church attendance, and they would execute all the vegetarians and animal welfare activists. We’d have a system as tyrannical as ISIS.

The Iowa Legislature passed a bill that will not allow women to terminate pregnancies after 20 weeks, even in cases of rape or incest, along with some other oppressive and harassing crap they must go through if terminating an earlier pregnancy.

The religious extremists tell us of all the great citizens that would be alive if it weren’t for birth control, but they don’t tell us about the more criminals, child molesters, I.D. thieves, hell on wheels drivers, and environmental damage that come from a growing population. One modern human of today does more pollution than 100 people did 100 years ago.

Get religion out of law and out of politics.

Herman Lenz


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