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Letter: Our country has become polarized

The change started with the incident in Massachusetts with the police officer and the professor early in the Obama administration. President Barack Obama mocked the police officer for doing his job when the professor did not respond to the police officer’s direction. This sends a message.

Another issue was the lack of border enforcement by not enforcing immigration laws. This sends a message. The ‘in your face attitude’ of sanctuary cities provides a safe haven for law breakers. This sends a message. Suing the State of Arizona because they tried to enforce the immigration laws when the Federal government refused to do so is another issue. This sends a message. The Justice Department last year fined a county in Colorado $10,000 for not interviewing non citizens for deputy sheriff positions because the qualifications required U.S. citizenship besides many other requirements. This sends a message.

The former president gave timid support of law enforcement despite record number of assaults and murders. This sends a message. His early releasing of felons exceeded all prior presidents combined. This sends a message. The inability of universities to accept different points of view makes one question what our institutions of higher learning are good for. This sends a message.

The lack of Congress to work together has polarized the country that we saw a non politician become president. This sends a message. Protests suggest a country floundering for a new identity. This sends a message not only to our own citizenry but to the world.

Harry Brown



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