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Letter: Only 77 days to start a war

Because of Assad’s chemical weapons attack, President Donald Trump dropped $50 million worth of bombs on a Syrian airstrip. Trump’s attack was likely political, hoping to bolster his 35 percent approval rating. Trump warned Russia before the attack, planes used the airstrip within hours after the bombing, Assad can still use chemical weapons, and it leaves Americans in Syria in jeopardy. Trump reacts having no proactive foreign policy.

Trump commented, “beautiful babies were cruelly murdered.” Chemical weapons images are horrific, but so are 28,000 Syrian children and women dying from explosions, starvation and disease. Around 13.5 million Syrian refugees need help. Trump’s travel ban planned to stop the inflow of refugees from Syria, including “beautiful babies.” Imagine how allowing asylum and spending that $50 million could help these displaced souls.

Trump campaigned to keep us from war, but Trump said, “Well, if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.” The U.S. has 30,000 troops in Korea. Trump attacking North Korea is frightening considering North Korea has more active and reserve troops than the U.S., South Korea and China combined. The Korean DMZ is 2.5 miles deep so imagine the catastrophe if North Korea’s forces broke through that DMZ.

America needs to diplomatically convince China to implement sanctions against North Korea to avoid possible tragic outcomes. It took only 77 days for Trump to start an unsanctioned war. He has sent part of our Navy fleet to South Korea. Could this be a prelude to another world war?

Steve Wikert

Cedar Falls


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