Letter: No link between gun violence and poverty

Regarding the Jan. 15 article “SET Task Force close to making its final report”:

Here we go again. Nineteen city leaders form a “task force” to jam a manufactured narrative; the “link” between gun violence and poverty, down our throats. They, of course, offer their recommendations, i.e. transfer our money to the poor neighborhoods via government-funded job programs.

There is no link. Using a gun is a choice. Millions in our nation live in poverty, but do not choose to use a gun. Poverty, many times, is the result of bad choices or unfortunate circumstances in life. Poor people can’t even afford a gun. So how does poverty give rise to gun violence?

The task force’s conclusion must be poverty and they have to make the link to gun violence to fit their narrative.

Criminals don’t want to work (or obey our laws) so why job programs? Crime is so much easier than working. Remember the writer who wanted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to come in and do a study on violence in Cedar Rapids? How’d that go? Improve trust in the affected communities? Non-starter.

TJ Sotomayor on YouTube, offers a primer for those who still don’t get it.

Most of the gun violence in Cedar Rapids happens on the SE side. It’s the parents’ job to teach their kids right from wrong. If the parents won’t take charge of their kids, the police will.

Evan Vulich

Cedar Rapids


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