Letter: Moving the geese a better option

I would like to speak for the Canada geese who can’t speak for themselves.

There appears to be a faction who believe the best way to solve the Canada geese issue in our area is to authorize to kill them and offer their meat to local food banks as a solution. How many generations of geese have to be killed before the problem is solved? People are failing to remember these animals were here first. Their habitat is growing smaller and smaller and yet they survive. Our waste treatment facilities do not smell very good either, but we deal with it.

These geese and goslings eat a lot of algae and aquatic weeds, besides making most of us smile. If there is too much poo on the sidewalks, why can’t we recycle it, there are many local volunteers who could do this.

This is the year of the Monarch butterfly in Cedar Rapids, according to our city council. Should we also kill them off should they become too invasive someday?

The answer is tolerance and helping them so we all can live better lives in our great community. Let’s continue to capture and move them to other suitable habitats before their flight wing feathers develop.

By killing them we are only destroying a part of ourselves and our great community.

Craig Kohl

Cedar Rapids


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