Letter: Minimum wage raise will hurt economy

Local politicians supporting a mandated raising of the minimum wage demonstrate the same economic and moral illiteracy common on the state and national levels. This misguided policy hurts the very individuals these politicians purportedly seek to help, leading to higher unemployment for people with the fewest skills and least education. Despite the absence of any delegated authority to act in this realm, they still demonstrate a self-righteous belief in the sanctity of a virtually unlimited power to dictate to others.

Favoring state coercion over persuasion, they have no compunction against forcing unwilling individuals to adhere to their personal views. They violate our rights to freedom of contract and association, our property rights, and our rights as individuals peacefully to live our lives as we see fit. They ignore mutually voluntary interactions and substitute their own involuntary directives on the people they supposedly serve but actually seek to rule. They inflict their ill-informed decisions on those who will actually pay for what they desire. It’s easy to spend other people’s money. To that extent, they are thieves disguised behind a mask of “generosity.” They hide behind the guns of government rather than confront someone personally as they impose their warped philosophy.

These politicians should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for all such policies that steal time, responsibility, and money from their fellow citizens. Of course, they will not be. Why? See above.

Russell Madden

Cedar Rapids


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