Letter: Medicare for all? Who pays?

The May 22 Gazette story “Marchers have a big goal: Medicare for all” has been burning in my mind. The organizer and her sister, who is a 24-year-old university student, may not have yet had a job with payroll tax for Social Security and Medicare. As a retiree, I paid the Medicare taxes from its inception until I was 65. If everyone is put on Medicare, where is the money I paid for many years coming from? Monthly I have $109 held out of my Social Security check for Medicare, plus $35 to pay for my drug plan. Last year I paid over $1,500 in deductibles and copays for prescriptions. Plus, I pay $250 per month for supplemental health insurance.

For 2017 “the cost of living” increase in my Social Security check was just enough to cover the increase charge for Medicare. My monthly Social Security check has been the same for four years, while my supplemental insurance has gone up over $100 a month.

Medicare has stopped paying for items they used to cover. I now get some medical supplies, not from my pharmacy, but from one of seven mail order vendors, who the first six months were late or didn’t send enough supplies.

How is any of this is going to be paid for? I get the feeling the “12 marchers” are under the impression that all those on Medicare are getting it free and it costs the government nothing. Do 12 people with signs warrant the space you gave them?

William Ashby



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