Letter: Leave race out of gun discussion

In a June 20 letter “Federal gun violence study is not needed,” Dean Varner said a CDC study of gun violence would simply “trample” the rights of gun owners. It’s all simply about the Second Amendment? Varner did not stop there. He devolved into blaming and race baiting. “Those” people in “those” neighborhoods should not have guns like “us folks.” No study is needed to see Varner’s blatant racism and stereotyping of an entire area of our city. “Those people” have babies out of wedlock. The dads in “that neighborhood” are just deadbeats. “They” drink and smoke and commit other “sins” rather than caring for their children. Let’s just say it like he sees it. In the nice neighborhoods of our city, unwed pregnant teens are whisked away to have abortions no one at the country club talks about. Oh no! Did I use a stereotype there?

Here is the bottom line: Ten thousand Americans every year die from gunshot wounds, be they accidental, homicide or suicide. If ISIS were killing 10,000 Americans every year, we would pull out all the stops to end that violence. The CDC wants to study the issue of gun violence. No one is talking about taking away your precious guns. But gunfire is taking away precious lives, from every region and race in this country. It is sad that some are too ignorant to understand that.

Gail Coleman

Cedar Rapids


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