Letter: Know your rights when serving on jury

The State of New Hampshire (the freedom state, no seat belt laws for adults) has a juror rights law. The court must tell jurors of their right to put the law and charges on trial, as well as the defendant, and vote not guilty if they feel it’s a tyrannical or bad law, even when they know the defendant is guilty as charged. Most jurors/citizens are kept dumb about their constitutional rights and are intimidated by judges and prosecutors into believing they must feed the defendant to the lions to satisfy some overzealous prosecution program and fill the prisons with nondangerous non-violent people. Check into www.fija.com and find out something the power hungry officials don’t want you to know.

Most laws and law enforcement practices were not initiated and lobbied into law by common citizens, but were done so by big money/big business, law enforcement lobbyists and power hungry officials. That’s why we have nanny possession laws, seat belt laws, favored status for law enforcement personnel until they’re like “gods” compared with citizens who are like “rats” in our perverted justice system. It wasn’t this bad in the old Soviet Union. We’d have to be idiots to believe we still have equal justice for all. Our elected lawmakers don’t have the resistance to say no to the professional lobbyists and we get more tyranny dumped onto us in every lawmaking session. Citizens have a duty to nullify that big government official tyranny when serving on a jury.

Herman Lenz


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