Letter: Know facts before forming opinion

Dennis Burrier

Some voters in Iowa and elsewhere are so accustomed to forming an opinion on issues they don’t understand or have no facts on which to make an intelligent decision, that they vote along party lines or do not vote.

Voters may be influenced by misleading and manipulating media ads that they don’t take the time to search out the real truth. Voters in the next city, state and federal elections will be so uniformed that they will believe that the “Speaker of the House” is the sound system for Congress.

In the last 80 years the winner was either the tallest of the candidates or had the nicest hair style.

With all the wasted money spent by special interests on candidates, either party could fund the education systems, veterans medical care and pay for free junior college tuition.

As Scott Adams from the cartoon Dilbert says and it’s true “Stupidity is immune to education.” Maybe the 53 percent of the voters who voted last midterm election in Iowa will get off their rear-ends and do the right thing for a change.

Dennis Burrier

Cedar Rapids

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