Letter: Keep government out of wage issue

The loud cries for the government to determine what an employer must pay is an unlearned lesson that needs reiteration. When the market says something is worth so much and the government says it is worth more (or less), what is being accepted is the “knowledge and expertise” of someone elected versus the everyday requirements of a businessperson that must compete in the marketplace by determining what is a fair price and a fair wage that will keep him in business.

The shouts of “we want more” are the cries of child mentalities that don’t understand the role and requirements of business and the interfering role of government in a field that it has no knowledge or expertise and is only is pandering to the wild-eyed children demanding more.

These demands wipe out their jobs, makes products and services more expensive and makes the land of the free into a government run disaster. Freedom for everyone cannot be accomplished by mobs demanding, intimidating and arguing they deserve more because they are making significant noise. To say they are morally superior in their quest puts morality in the category of the primitive where might makes right and civilization returns to barbarism.

Dale Netherton



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