Letter: It's time for unitedness not disruptions

Groups of people are walking in the footsteps of others but not in anyone’s shoes. Protest that encourages followers to knock on the homes of individuals are ugly. Would they want knocks on their doors, angry knocks meant to frighten the families inside?

On television we see a world seemingly gone mad; citizens destroying the peace of their own homeland, in the most unique country the world will ever know, by allowing a relative few, paid instigators, to lead them from one unfounded protest to another. Watching that and hearing words uttered by this administration twisted and picked to death is enough to lose faith in humanity. The silliness of the picking reminds me of when I was a kid and a neighbor’s chicken got into our coop, it was pecked unmercifully.

With many young people joining the unruly crowds it makes one ask, “Who’s teaching our children, and what’s being taught?”

The meanness and pushiness of the instigators is like a teenager jumping onto his family’s dining-room table during a holiday meal and shouting at his mother because she tried a new recipe for the main course while his siblings wonder where such uncivilized behavior came from. Perhaps it came from our institutions and the welcomed diversity accepted in an unwise, unvetted manner.

It’s time for unitedness not for disruptions, to walk in the shoes of those unfairly taunted who stand tall for common sense solutions, even though it’s a lonely spot beyond the spotlights.

Rosemary Weydert


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