Letter: Is there really a Republican Party?

My ex favorite political party is moving radically to the right and unless stopped will bump into the nationalistic philosophies of two European countries before and during World War II. If the Republican Party ever gets this far right, 240 years of U.S. democracy will end.

This party is led by a tweeter who sounds different or contradictory every few minutes. Some psychiatrists have publicly stated that he is paranoid and unstable with visions of grandeur and dictatorship. He has surrounded himself with like-minded Dark Money (book title), mostly billionaires. Republican state and federal legislators seem unwilling, or unable, to dissent.

The apparent goal of the “new” Republican Party is to eliminate the middle class and reform the system as a poor class, a working class, several business classes, with a dark money ruling 1 percent class. This “new” party will not be satisfied until all social benefits for the poor and working classes have been removed. The only group that will be unchanged will be the U.S. military which is 90 percent socialized.

Some denominations of the Christian faith have moved to the extreme right along with the “new” Republican Party. With this shift come their demands to minimize women’s rights, to minimize the Environmental Protection Agency, to minimize public education to pay for parochial schooling, to establish some form of Christian religious laws equivalent to Muslim Sharia, to make laws against teaching evolution, and to rule that the universe is no more than about 6,000 years old.

This must stop!

Dean Barnum

Cedar Rapids


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