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Letter: Idea for replacing Obamacare

How sad. Seven years of talking big about health care reform down the tubes. “It’s hard” they say, “heath care is very complex.” Sure it is. Making sure everyone is covered (like Donald Trump promised during the campaign) while maximizing profits for their campaign contributors is almost impossible, right? No, we have the solution in place. Medicare for all. The program is so full of holes the insurance industry can clean up selling relatively low risk supplemental policies. Pay for it with that tariff that Trump promised. Yes, that’s right. Let foreign goods sales pay for everyone’s health care. Although to be legal in the sight of our trade agreements we would have to call it a “sales tax” and apply it to all goods, but free from paying employee insurance our manufacturers can reduce prices or pay employees more.

No signing up, just walk into a doctor’s office or county courthouse, have a photo taken with proof of who you are and two weeks later get a health care/voter ID in the mail. This also would allow more people to become self-employed and small businesses to compete for better-skilled labor. We also should include the elderly into Medicaid, a program which allows medication prices to be negotiated. Who takes more meds than the elderly?

As for myself, I am retired military and self-employed. I love my freedom and government health care. Would not have it any other way. Why is “Obamacare” supposedly failing? No public option.

Dan Hollrah

Middle Amana


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