Letter: Hopeful tax bill isn't as detrimental as feared

Definition of hope according to the Merriam Webster dictionary: “To want something to happen or be true, hoping for the best.”

This is my hope: That the tax bill that will probably be passed by Republicans in Congress will not discourage people from becoming part of the service industry.

I hope it will not make the nursing shortage worse. I hope it will not discourage people from becoming paramedics, firefighters, therapists, physicians, etc. These people save lives and help people return to a better level of wellness. This helps people to become productive citizens which helps our society in general, and is good for the economy. Teachers prepare people to be productive and law-abiding citizens.

I hope that those people will not have to choose to be educated in another field, such as business, computer science, etc. These types of careers are important, but I hope that those in the working class will not have to choose a different path to feed, clothe and shelter themselves and their families.

I hope my insurance premiums won’t increase to cover those people who are now less likely to have health insurance. Before the Affordable Care Act, the average family that paid for health insurance was paying $1,100 per year to cover medical costs of uninsured people.

I really hope this will not be as detrimental as I fear it could be.

Sue Dirks



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