Letter: Grassley should own position on health care

Regarding the June 29 article “Grassley: Lack of action on health reform not an option”:

Grassley is quoted as saying “This bill is changing by the hour. It would be very stupid of me to say how I would vote. If I’m going to give you a judgment I’m going to give you judgment on what I know is the final product.”

That is an unacceptable response to a question that is essential for Sen. Grassley’s constituents to have an answer for. Sen. Mitch McConnell put a specific bill on the floor. Sen. Grassley had the following choices: 1) for 2) against 3) run and hide and not vote at all. There is no reason for Sen. Grassley to not step up and own his position on the bill that was submitted. Quit hiding behind comments such as the one he provided.

Sen. Grassley has said he “would like to see bipartisan support for the health bill and that you are willing to engage in serious conversations in the hope that we can build the bipartisan consensus we need to succeed in the 115th Congress.” How can I have any sense that he believes that when he cannot give a serious answer to a valid question?

Sen. Grassley’s constituents in Iowa and the entire nation deserve better than what we are seeing in Washington, D.C. in regards to health care. It is past time for Sen. Grassley to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

David Krug

North Liberty


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