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Letter: Ending Citizen's United will benefit our country

I’m for free speech as much as anyone, but the guest column from Dan Backer (“Political Speech Faces 2018 Onslaught,” Oct. 8) truly “adds insult to injury” regarding the Supreme Court’s worst decision in two generations: Citizen’s United.

This decision basically says that corporations are equal to people and that money is equal to free speech. Therefore, corporations should be able to invisibly put unlimited resources into political campaigns.

When Backer claims that there is “nothing wrong” with money in politics and that this leads to “more information” for voters it seems, to this Iowan, that he must surely be joking.

To those of us who suffer the deluge of misinformation in political advertising that seems to be never ending in this state, I suspect that I can find plenty of people in both parties who agree it is generally not helpful.

Coupled with the fact that so much of it is paid for by the very wealthy — and invisible corporations — it becomes clear that this decision is heading us closer and closer to a plutocracy or corpocracy.

So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t cry for the rich when End Citizens United wants to educate people about how wrong the CU decision is. I only wish they had even more money to try to get this ruling overturned.

Ending Citizen’s United, along with term limits for all offices and fixing the country’s Gerrymandering problem would go a long way toward righting what’s wrong with our county today.

Mike Wyrick

Cedar Rapids


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