Letter: Elect leader who will protect environment

This election season millennials are key to ensuring a clean future for America. With Donald Trump the Republican nominee, it’s up to young adults like me to vote this November. Trump is a businessman, not a politician.

I pride myself on growing up in the state of Iowa, which is America’s clean energy leader. I fear what a Trump administration would do to our progress as a state and as a country. Now is not the time to back track, we need a strong, progressive leader who will ensure a cleaner future for America.

America deserves and needs a leader stronger on environmental issues than Trump. Millennials are in danger of facing the most disastrous effects of climate change and it’s up to us to show Trump that we will not support a leader who will put our environment and economy in danger.

I’m calling on my fellow millennials to get out there and register to vote. Come November make your voice heard. As one of the largest voting blocs, millennials hold a lot of weight this election season. It’s our responsibility to ensure America will not be under a Trump administration.

Natalie Lynch

University of Iowa

Iowa City


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