Letter: Do not deny free choice to others

Anyone that attacks Planned Parenthood and birth control, tell us, would you pay the bills for all the unwanted, unplanned and irresponsible pregnancies and support them from conception to through college? There was something on TV about the need for more foster parents to make home of the homeless kids. Without common sense birth control, there wouldn’t be standing room in the world. One modern human of today does more pollution than 100 people did 100 years ago.

The religionists say birth control isn’t natural. It surely is not natural to put feeding tubes into a comatose body to prolong the misery and dying process, because the religionists won’t allow doctor assisted human ending for the ill and suffering. Eye glasses, hearing aids and pacemakers aren’t natural either.

Wild animals don’t practice birth control, but over populate until disease or starvation take care of the problem, which is natural. Most of those so-called anti-abortion lawmakers are as phony as a $3 bill. They’re pro-death on traffic enforcement cameras, speed limits and they want the death penalty. They’re the death party.

The religionists don’t have to patronize Planned Parenthood, but don’t deny free choice for everyone else.

I’m for religion except when it blocks out the ability to reason and see the evidence and when they force their archaic and oppressive standards into law and onto everyone else. Religion has been like that throughout human history and it’s caused war and murder.

Herman Lenz



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