Letter: DEA ignoring scientific evidence

The Drug Enforcement Administration is a direct descendant of the Bureau of Prohibition, created in 1920 to enforce alcohol prohibition — remember what a disaster that was? The DEA embarrassed itself again recently by refusing to remove marijuana from its Schedule I classification. Ignoring all scientific evidence to the contrary, the DEA continued to claim marijuana has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

This from a DEA working for President Barack Obama, who admits prior recreational marijuana use himself.

The richer question, however, is whether Sen. Chuck Grassley will quit claiming marijuana is a gateway drug, his go to response when anyone suggests the drug war is a complete and utter failure. The DEA report, you see, also says, “Little evidence supports the hypothesis that initiation of marijuana use leads to an abuse disorder with other illicit substances.”

What will it be Sen. Grassley — science or politics?

Rick Stewart

Cedar Rapids


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