Letter: Constitution is not a living document

We conservatives lost this time around with Ted Cruz suspending his candidacy. We can only hope that whoever becomes president of this “Constitutional Republic” will again recognize it as such. We can only hope that whoever remains in the two Houses will again honor their oath of office. And, we can only hope that the gem of power rests on responsible shoulders for the next four years.

Why did we want a conservative? Because they are citizens who believe in the U.S. founding. They treasure objective law, with no one being above the law, and most of all, in personal freedom to act in one’s own interest as long as others are not hurt.

Why do conservatives fail? Because not enough become teachers, professors, judges, statesmen or are involved in local government. And, not enough stood up and put “sand” on the slippery path that led to this worrisome day. They live and let live naively thinking others will do the same.

In June Democrats had a (gun) sit-in. They brought the loudness of the streets into the halls of Congress and showed us how illogical “highly educated” people can be; it was as if they were shaking a tool and screaming, “You’re guilty.” The tool, being inanimate, had no defense.

The Constitution is not a living document, it is steadfast as the shores that keep the unpredictable oceans held within their boundaries. Leaders overrun their boundaries when they depart from the U.S. Constitution or our Bill of Rights.

Rosemary Weydert



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