Letter: BDS may not be anti-semetic, but it is unjust

Jacob Homan

Margaret Kiekhaefer’s letter “No peace as long as there is injustice” in support of the BDS movement was depraved.

Boycotting Israeli companies for human rights abuses is ridiculous. Israel has every right to the territories it occupies and only won them by stopping genocidal wars led by their neighbors.

The Israeli corporations “unfairly” employing Palestinians are paying double what they could expect to earn elsewhere in the territories. Freedom of movement was restricted to stop terrorists attempting to slaughter civilians. Still, Israel has been reducing the number of checkpoints and easing restrictions. The “illegal” wall Israel built in the West Bank has drastically reduced the success rate of suicide bombers, which had been a serious problem.

No peace as long as there is injustice? Seriously? Palestinian leaders steal aid meant for civilians to exacerbate poverty, knowing Israel will be blamed. They encourage their people to use knives against Israeli soldiers and civilians alike, they specifically target children. They bombard city centers with thousands of rockets. They use schools and hospitals as bases and armories so they can claim Israel attacks civilian targets. The situation in Palestine is inhumane, but Israel does everything possible to try to broker peace.

They are repeatedly thwarted by Palestinian leadership and terrorists who will not settle for anything less than the complete destruction of Israel. The BDS movement says it is not anti-Semitic in their criticism of Israeli businesses and government policies. Yet when it comes to the existential threats Israel faces they are silent.

Jacob Homan

Cedar Rapids

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