Focus on issues when casting vote

Let’s go beyond rhetoric, emotions and characterizations of candidates. Let’s focus on records, issues and implications for November’s election.

I am against unbridled flow of illegal immigrants and tying hands of border agents. I am for fair enforcement of immigration and domestic law.

I am against camouflaging jihad as hate crimes. I am for taking terrorists at their word, dealing with them and their havens accordingly.

I am against concealing the whole truth about Benghazi. I am for protection of U.S. citizens abroad.

I am against prosecution of those not buying global warming. I am for a critical analysis of the billions funding falsified data and politicized science.

I am against killing the coal industry, stalling on Keystone, strangling businesses and industries with regulations. I am for free enterprise and employment to flourish.

I am against government using or allowing the IRS to intimidate the politically incorrect, intentions to control the internet, eroding the Second Amendment and abortion for any reason. I am for freedom and life.


I am against adding trillions to our debt, degrading our military with cutbacks and virtually abandoning allies like Israel. I am for fiscal sanity, strong defense and supporting Israel.

I am against a candidate receiving millions of foreign influence dollars in “foundation” money.

I am against USA land globalization. I am for USA sovereignty.

I am against certain practices or policies of the current leadership. I hope and pray for making America great again and will vote accordingly.

Tim Bickel

Cedar Rapids


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