Letters to the Editor

Enforce traffic violations to prevent crashes

When I heard those enforcement cameras were not giving out tickets, I knew the speeds would go through the sky. It proves that drivers will not police their own driving, but need the club of enforcement and penalty over their heads to keep the fear of God in them.

Machines and robots are replacing human labor everywhere possible, so why not in traffic enforcement? An officer trying to catch one violator at a time (those who say it should be like this, know they won’t get caught anyway) is as archaic as a farmer picking corn by hand instead of using a combine.

Technology could take care of speeding, running red lights and texting while driving, but we have too many lawmakers who call it an intrusion on their freedom. To them freedom means the right to run over other lives.

Nothing is more detestable than the lawmakers, religionists and zealots who call themselves pro-life to the extreme of forcing women to carry pregnancies that came from rape or incest, but are pro-death on everything that would prevent crashes. They think their time, profits, schedule and election contributions from the heavy foot zealots are more important than the lives that get snuffed out.

If they truly were pro-life they’d demand there be every kind of enforcement and technology possible to prevent crashes. They’d have enforcement cameras everywhere — hidden and mobile — and set the speed limit to 55 mph even on rural interstates, with strict enforcement and penalty for violations. Herman Lenz



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