Letter: Anti-cop cartoons serve no benefit

I find recent Gazette editorial “cartoons” to be disgusting, untrue and a race-bating disgrace.

Is it funny to say that cops practice shooting blacks (Sept. 25? Is it accurate to assume that all officers are white and that their goal is to shoot black citizens? How does this promote unity, education, peace or truth?

The Sept. 26 cartoon was of a gentleman calling a towing truck, hoping they would arrive before the police. Perhaps my “white privilege” is showing, but I don’t think this is funny, especially given the tremendous efforts of the Cedar Rapids Police Department in the last few days, working 12 hour shifts to help serve and protect those in the path of the flood.

There are “bad” police officers, just as there are bad teachers who have a sexual relationship with their student. There are bad clergy who lead double lives and bad business leaders who embezzle. Regardless, schools, churches, and businesses continue to thrive and not every cop is a racist killer. Every life matters and charges should be brought if a shooting is out of line, but when you call 911, remember it is the police who respond, not social activists.

When you call 911, it’s the police who risk their lives, not celebrities or the media.

When you call 911, it the police who run toward danger while you run away.

A political cartoon should make you think, not promote anger and encourage hatred. The Gazette’s sloppy attempt at “humor” in this way is most discouraging.

Wendy Hartman

Cedar Rapids

Editor’s note: Several readers have contacted us with similar concerns about these cartoons. The ongoing public discussion of police-involved shootings and public response is an emotional and contentious one. While editorial cartoons often can be humorous, their intent is to comment on current issues. Just as with columns and letters, we strive to publish a diversity of views and perspectives in our cartoons. — Jennifer Hemmingsen, Opinion Editor


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