Iowa City school board: Learning blossoming in every corner of the district

Moving to Iowa City as a five-year-old may have been the best thing to ever happen to me. Not only was I able to establish roots, but also grow alongside my wife within careers we love and relationships we cherish. I have flourished at Scheels, and my wife has helped fortify our future via her teaching in the ICCSD. Thirty-four years after my first hello, I would find it difficult to say goodbye to a place that has given our two daughters a world-class education. Now, I am asking this entire community for something other than a home. I am asking it for an opportunity.

I am not seeking service because I want to represent a particular zip code. My home address indicates where my mail should be delivered, but it does not define my purpose, my positions or my participation in this election. As a high school student, I enjoyed the City-West rivalry. It motivated us to cheer louder, try harder, and reach higher. As a candidate for an educational board that makes decisions on behalf of every single child in the district, the City-West rivalry is irrelevant. The only competition I am interested in involves teaming together to break through barriers which are much more serious than a river running through a city.

People who know me recognize that although my children attend school on the east side, my devotion stretches much further. I have attended nearly every board and committee meeting for the past two years, and I have heard passionate voices speak about important issues. When that intensity is harvested, it can either deliver creative, informed decisions that help move us forward on one path, or it can separate us into different directions that lead to nothing but frustration.

You are not only choosing a school board. You are also selecting the type of growth in which you believe. If you want to cultivate progress in only your own backyard, I am not your candidate. If you want to see learning blossom in Coralville, Hills, North Liberty and every corner of Iowa City, then consider a vote for Paul Roesler.

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