Transgender people deserve rights and respect

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Do you think that transgender people should have the same rights as cisgender people? Many transgender people are denied basic human rights and are treated like something less than human. I think transgender people should have the same rights as everyone else; that includes being able to use the restroom of their choice.

It’s basic knowledge that you should treat everyone with respect. Now tell me, why are people refusing to treat transgender people with respect as well?

Transgender and other LGBT youth are some of the most troubled youths. Telling them it’s just a phase, that they’re too young to know or they are just confused doesn’t help them. Transgender people should be given the same respect and rights as every other person in the world.

One of the number one problems for transgender people is they are denied being able to use the restroom of their gender identification. People insist they use the bathroom of their birth sex, saying it’s necessary to help stop sexual harassment. In reality, forcing someone to use a bathroom of the gender they don’t identify as makes things a lot more difficult for them.

Many transgender people aren’t comfortable using the bathroom of their birth sex because they are not that gender anymore. Just people someone is born one way doesn’t mean that they’re like that their entire life.

I understand that some people are afraid a man posing as a transgender woman will get into a women’s restroom and molest women. But not every transgender person is a sex predator! Forcing transgender people to go into the restroom according to their birth sex isn’t helping stop sexual harassment either. What about all of the transgender women who have been harassed by a man in the men’s bathroom? Many transgender women are harassed by men on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started on transgender men. Most transgender men aren’t allowed into the women’s bathroom because they look too much like a male. Most transgender youth avoid going to the restrooms altogether in school but are still forced to dress and undress in locker rooms front of people of the opposite gender.

I suggest a way to solve this issue is not to think of it as a problem of ‘us’ against ‘them’, but more as a misunderstanding. We need to listen to each other instead of making random claims. Anyway, you wouldn’t let your daughter get undressed in front of a bunch of boys, so why should transgender girls have to?

Transgender people should be given the same rights and respect as everyone else is given. We need to listen to each other.

No one wants to be forced to act like someone they’re not, so why are we trying to make transgender people repress their true selves? Just because that was how things were done in the past doesn’t mean that it has to be so now.

• Trint Helle is a 15-year-old high school student from Dyersville. They go to Beckman Private Catholic High school and enjoy writing and reading fan fiction.

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