Take a stand for healthier school lunch

What are we feeding our children at school? Many kids complain about the lunches. Why not offer more food options instead of all meat products? Why doesn’t our food seem fresh? These are just some of the thoughts kids have when walking up to the lunch line. I should know, I’m one of them. We need to step up and say we want our school lunches to change for the better!

Going to lunch at school isn’t so much a treat as a worry. I, being a vegetarian for five years, have struggled to find any foods I like. Not to mention, there are vegans out there, and many students at various schools aren’t offered anything but meat and dairy products. The only option that doesn’t involve those two things is salad, every single day. The district needs to offer more options, for example, fresh veggie wraps, or different types of pastas. According to Jamie Oliver, a parent’s child is most likely going to live 10 years less than them because of the food they are digesting in our schools. We all want to protect our children. So why not better our school lunches and our children’s lives?

My school only hands out salad every day for a healthy main dish, and the rest is usually processed meat and dairy products making our obesity and health risks increase. We are only offered frozen foods because they are easier to store and transport. I believe the district should take charge and make our schools serve fresh foods straight from the schools’ kitchen. Yes, it’d be more expensive, but worth it. You’d be surprised how healthier and happier our lives would be.

Is our district, or even our nation, as concerned about our school lunches as we would want them to be? One school lunch supplier recently had to recall chicken that had possibly been contaminated by rubber, wood, and plastic material. If schools served their meals freshly made in their very own kitchens, the threat of contamination would drop. This is why I believe we should all take a stand for better school lunches.

• Riley Everts is 14 years old.



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