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Prevent deaths with gun laws

In the U.S. there are roughly 300 million guns, enough for each person to own one gun.

With so many guns there are also plenty of deaths. Some of these deaths happen right in our city, Cedar Rapids.

Leaving yours guns out can lead to devastation for families when a child gets shot and dies. Most of the time, the deaths are accidental. All of these deaths in Cedar Rapids didn’t have to happen if parents were more responsible and locked away their guns. I think Cedar Rapids should have tighter gun control laws.

The population of Cedar Rapids is 126,326. If each home in the city owns a gun, that’s a whole bunch of guns, more than we should have. When people carry guns, they could open fire at any moment.

Kids should not get hold of guns, especially teenagers. Their brains are growing and what seems like the right decision is actually the wrong one. Sometimes people (or teenagers) will hold a gun in their hand because they think it will make them cooler. If kids or teenagers carry guns, the kids could act dumb and possibly hurt someone very badly.

On the other hand, if people do carry guns around, it can help people feel more protected. If some random person opens fire, someone else who carries a gun could shoot the person who opens fire. But some people accidentally pull the trigger. There have been many examples of accidental deaths involving guns, even locally.

One thing parents can do to solve this problem is that everyone with a gun can lock away that gun in a safe.

Parents should be required to have some type of safe if they buy a gun, and keep that gun in the safe. Or if they don’t want to by a safe than they could hide the gun somewhere around the house so the kids won’t find it. Maybe this idea also will help reduce kids getting shot and dying.

Guns can be very dangerous. Anyone at any moment can open fire and kill someone.


Maybe if Iowa had tighter gun control laws, the death rates resulting from guns would be lower and Cedar Rapids could keep growing each day.

• Rachel Nagel, 14, thinks more people should pay attention to the deaths in Cedar Rapids. When she grows up, she wants to be a dentist.



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