Misplaced priorities add stress for students

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Recently I noticed that the main thing newspapers report about high school is sports. They never report things about the students, themselves — only about their achievements. We do not go to high school to entertain people, we go here to learn, and yet daily I am told that I should join some sorts of sports club. I am not here to show off skills that I do not have.

I am a sophomore at a little private catholic school and I have fairly average grades. I am participate in band and choir. Yet, no one cares about that. All anyone cares about at my school is what sports you are out for, or if you are at the top of the grade. Daily, my parents try to convince me to join volleyball, golf, or some other sport, or to work on being a straight-A student.

We are still just kids! We should not be pressured to do all of these things! How in the world do you expect us to be a straight-A student, be out for every sports team, be involved in some sort of artistic thing at school, and have free time to spend with our parents?! All of my homework alone takes nearly six hours to get done. Most of that is spent on math problems that I will never use.

I believe we should focus less on our achievements and more what they are teaching us and how much we’re actually learning. I am not being taught how to get a job, but I was taught how to dissect a frog. I am not taught the laws for our own country, but for some reason the school system thought to teach us how Henry the VII killed his women. My school does not teach human rights! Did you know that there are 30 of them? Neither did I! Why am I not being taught to recognize mental illness, or how to take care of my health, or how to buy a house with a mortgage?

Why is it that I am not taught about today’s medicine and which is safe or which isn’t? Or domestic abuse issues? Or maybe how to help my friend with depression? Instead we learn math, because you know, it’s not like we will have a calculator on us every day. Oh wait, we will, it’s called a cellphone.

I’m tired of the school wasting my childhood. I should be taught how to deal with bullying!

Why is it that when a student commits suicide because of school they blame it on a different issue? Most of our stress is from all the pointless information that we are taught. I wish schools would consider our mental health, not just our physical health. The solution to stop cheating and failing students is allowing us to chose our classes according to our passions.

Please, try to change this. Don’t you want your children to know how survive as an adult, not make them learn the hard way?

• Trint Helle is a 15-year-old high school student from Dyersville.

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