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Delegates must stop Trump to defeat Hillary

As a longtime conservative activist and member of the Republican Party, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated at the decline of our Party, both the ignorance and arrogance of the “Establishment”, and the complete disdain for the Constitution by our Federal Government.

I’m also frustrated at our “presumptive nominee” and his unwillingness to address that which is so clearly broken. Thankfully, his status is just that: presumptive.

If the last month has told us one thing about Donald Trump, it is this: he has no desire to defeat Hillary Clinton and seeks not the advancement of conservative ideals but the enrichment of himself and his own ego. His latest FEC report showed the campaign had a mere $1.3 million cash on hand — shadowed by the Clinton’s campaign with over $42 million cash on hand. As if to pour salt in this conservative’s wound, 20 percent of his total campaign spending went to firms that he, himself, owned as well as his own family members. He is not a serious candidate, and despite his statements, he does not seem even remotely serious about winning.

Over 75 percent of Iowa Republicans voted against Trump, and even today, according to a recent poll, a majority of Republicans still desire a different nominee. This is likely the driver of his horrendous polling versus Hillary, which continues to get worse. We cannot afford to lose this November.

Thankfully, Trump still can be stopped, and he must be stopped. RNC National Delegates have held the responsibility of choosing our Party’s nominee since its inception. Regardless of what the political elites say, that responsibility still rests solely on the delegates themselves. In the coming weeks before the Republican nominee is chosen, I call on my fellow delegates to act on your rightful and proper duty to choose the best candidate not only for our Party, but for the future of our country and the values we hold so dear.

If we cower in light of that duty, we will bear the heavy consequences and hold sole responsibility for the electoral disaster in November. Will we ruffle a few feathers? Perhaps. Could we fail in our attempt? Maybe. But when asked the same questions, our Founders proceeded forward with even greater diligence and determination to declare our Independence. After prayerful consideration, and as National Delegate to this year’s Republican National Convention, I declare mine.

• Adam Motzko, of Sioux City, is one of 30 National Delegates representing Iowa at the Republican National Convention this month.



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