Conserving energy starts at home

Did you know that there are 72 power plants in Iowa The main problem about power plants is that we need them, but we misuse them or take them for granted, and we use a lot of power. Yes, I know this is global issue, but it starts with us. As a community we need to think about what we can do every day to stop wasting the power given to us. Wasting power could be a danger to the environment or us.

We can’t just blame power plants for being bad for the environment. It’s us. We have the power to stop wasting energy. But it does take more than just switching a light off, using less water or closing the fridge.

We need energy, but do we really need so much? We do need energy for certain things like air conditioning or running appliances. We could replace businesses with solar power or we could use wind power or water power — there are so many solutions that are more or less expensive. Saving energy can save you money, even just getting energy-saving lightbulbs or unplugging plug-ins or not running extra appliances.

This may be a larger issue, but we can try and make it better by saving energy in our state, and maybe in a couple years from now this won’t be such a big problem.

• Emily Lutsch, 14, is six-foot-something tall.



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