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College athletes should be paid

One of the most controversial arguments is whether or not college athletes should get paid for competing. You can easily argue both ways, but I think they should be paid for many reasons.

First, how would college athletes generate their own income since they are spending all their time practicing or competing in their sport? According to research done by the website Listland, college athletes spend an average of 43.3 hours per week on the field. The average adult American works an average of 40 hours a week. This evidence proves that college athletes, in most cases, work harder and longer than the average American. This means they should get paid by either a contract or by performance during games.

Another reason college athletes should get paid is that it would make sports more competitive. The players would have more motivation and determination. Research from the same source says college athletes have difficulties making ends meet. This evidence proves that even though most athletes have scholarships, there are many costs that don’t get covered: dining, housing, clothes, textbooks, and training gear, all of which are required. If college athletes got paid, they wouldn’t have to face this trouble of paying with the money they don’t have. This would bring higher motivation levels leading to more intense games.

If college athletes got paid for competing in sports, they would learn how to manage their money. Money management is one of the most important young people can learn. It is a big factor of making a living and succeeding. This would be very good to learn because if the athlete goes into the pros, they could have a good idea what to do with their money. Also, this would help the athletes how to save. A big part of money management is saving the money you earn. Many young people don’t know how to do this because either they don’t have enough money to create savings or they don’t see the importance of saving. If the college athletes were paid, they would be able to mater these skills and have an advantage in adulthood.

Lastly, paying college athletes wouldn’t be huge problem for the NCAA. College athletics as a whole bring in $11 billion yearly. The players are making the money for the NCAA and their schools, and are getting no credit for it.

In conclusion, college athletes should get paid due to that fact that they have no time for jobs, profiting money will help build of money management skills, and get them ready for adult hood. If college athletes got a salary for being involved in sports that would dramatically change the young peoples’ lives for the better.

• AJ Schulte, 14 years old



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