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Closing the wage gap

What do you know about the wage gap? Well, let’s cover the overall concept. The gender wage gap is the difference between male and female earnings. The gap varies depending on what companies you work for but, many pay men more than women for working the same jobs. Even if it’s only a couple cents off, it builds up.

In 2014 the median income for men was $50,383 while for women it was $39,621, says CNN in “6 things you need to know about the gender pay gap.” If this was such a big issue it would’ve changed by now right? But sometimes even big issues don’t get noticed. Race also effects the wage gap. I, being Hispanic, would get paid less than Asian-American women even if we work the same field. I speak for teen girls everywhere when I say, as a future generation of women, we don’t want to feel inferior to men or to each other.

Although we have been working on women’s empowerment and equality, we still have problems with wages. If you’re only going to pay us 79 percent of a wage, should we only do 79 percent of our work? That’s what it looks like you’re implying.

I plan on going to college. But college costs money. And lots of it. Students end up paying student loans after they graduate, for women, it takes longer to pay off. They also owe more than males. College; you need money. Jobs/Careers; you need more education. In college you have a job to keep going to college, but how are we expected to keep going if they pay us less?

We need to start making some changes and pay everyone equally. Women work just as hard, even more than men sometimes, yet they’re rewarded less. I want to be treated equal no matter where I decide my career will go. In a few years when I get into a field and I see women doing outstanding things that could change the world for the better but they’re getting paid less than men, that’s very discouraging. I don’t want to be in a society where I will be viewed as inferior and weak and because of that I get paid less.

• Noemi Contreras, 14, enjoys writing and reading, especially poetic writing. She would like to one day publish a book.



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