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Clinton's recklessness and poor judgement hurts Iowans

Jeff Kaufmann is the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.
Jeff Kaufmann is the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation verified what we’ve long known: for the last 16 months, Hillary Clinton has been lying to Iowans and the American people by showing bad judgment and reckless behavior with classified information, all the while, endangering our national security.

Earlier this month, when most Iowans were enjoying the holiday weekend, Hillary Clinton spent over three hours meeting with the FBI. The interview came just days after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton.

Then last week, FBI Director James Comey, who labeled Clinton and her aides’ conduct “extremely careless,” contradicted her original lies in a series of detailed, evidence-based statements. Clinton originally claimed she had used “one device” for “convenience” to access her emails, but the FBI found she used “several different servers” and “multiple mobile devices” to access her email. Despite Clinton claiming there “was no classified material,” the FBI found Clinton sent or received over 100 emails containing material that was classified at the time these messages were transmitted. While Clinton claimed her server was secure, the FBI found that it is “possible that hostile actors” gained access. Despite Clinton saying a thorough search was conducted and nothing was deleted, the FBI found that individual emails were not individually reviewed by Clinton’s lawyers in full and that the devices were wiped clean.

This wouldn’t have been an issue had Hillary Clinton followed the law and used a State Department account. Instead, Hillary Clinton set up a system for herself to evade the established rules because she didn’t want “anybody” — according to her top aide — to know what she was doing. Clinton even went a step further and destroyed daily schedules.

This administration’s behavior will leave the American people second guessing that this was a fair and honest process. President Barack Obama’s decision to campaign with Clinton this week is an endorsement of her reckless and disgraceful actions. Recall it was Obama who also claimed, without evidence, that Clinton’s email use was not a national security problem. This whole investigation into her email server by Obama’s Department of Justice has been rigged in Clinton’s favor.

When you factor in that Clinton directed this server be established just to cover up a tangled web of donors, State Department actions and her family foundation, we must ask ourselves if this is the kind of leadership we want in the White House. How can we trust that Clinton is out for anyone but herself when nearly every single talking point Hillary Clinton has given to the American people over the past 16 months has been an outright lie?

If Hillary Clinton’s lips are moving she’s probably lying.

• Jeff Kaufmann is the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. Comments:



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