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Clinton tactics thumb nose at citizens

Gary Ellis
Gary Ellis

The truth about immigration has emerged. Hillary Clinton is recruiting and rallying foreign nationals to staff her election campaign. Hillary for America announced they are launching a national voter registration program, “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto” (My Dream, Your Vote), to organize DREAMers to mobilize their communities. This is how Democrats will use illegal immigration to steal elections.

This is not a conspiracy theory. The group of people Clinton is recruiting are "Dreamers". They are children who were brought to the U.S. when their parents arrived illegally. President Barack Obama created a federal program under the Department of Homeland Security giving the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency the ability to use "prosecutorial discretion" and ignore the fact that these people are criminals here illegally. It is, in effect, amnesty by executive order in direct violation of Federal immigration law.

Foreign nationals are barred by law from contributing, donating, soliciting funds or being paid for campaigning. Given Hillary Clinton's lying about her private email server and the corruption in the Clinton Foundation, does anyone believe her campaign will follow the law? Will this plan encourage people who are here illegally to register to vote in areas where voting laws and procedures are lax? This looks like another Clinton ruse to get around the law.

For decades the Democratic Party has resisted serious immigration policy reform. Now we see Hillary Clinton encouraging illegal immigration and recruiting immigrants here illegally to work as campaign staffers.

The Clinton Foundation is corrupting government by taking millions in donations from foreign donors seeking special access to State Department officials.

The public cost for welfare, schools and law enforcement are a huge drag on Americans, the U.S. economy and our legal system.

On one hand, everyone has compassion for people displaced in life by their circumstances. On the other this raises serious questions about Hillary Clinton's temperament to be president of all Americans. Are citizenship rights of life, liberty and freedom for sale? Apparently they are with Hillary Clinton.


Do you as a citizen and an American want to be represented by foreign nationals who are here illegally? Is Hillary Clinton going to be your president. Or will she be president of foreign nationals or anyone else but you?

So the issue comes full circle. We see the purpose of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in blocking every effort to control the U.S. border and prevent illegal immigration. They are raising a group of volunteers and supporters to steal an election.

I support Donald Trump, who will deal with the nation’s problems and treat you as citizens.

• Gary Ellis of Cedar Rapids is secretary of the Linn County Republican Central Committee. Comments:



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