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Candidate column: Harry Foster

Recently I attended a public forum where local candidates were invited to speak. As it happened, I was first on the roster. I spoke of the many great attributes of Iowa, including great educational opportunities, our freedoms and personal liberties, but most of all, our recently balanced budget, and the power it gives to the state to provide needed services for its citizens. Budget cuts and difficult financial decisions don’t come easily. However, a balanced budget puts the state in a much better position to provide needed services to our citizens. Also greater flexibility to deal with unexpected or emergency needs as they may arise. Another benefit of budget cuts are lower taxes for the hard working taxpayers.

After the candidates spoke, some of the incumbent politicians were recognized and invited to speak. I was quite offended when one stood up and told the audience not to be tricked by the words “lowering taxes.” It was just “code” for taking away your rights. I have heard this type of talk before, someone trying to tell others what I mean.

I don’t speak in code, when I say I want to lower taxes, it means simply that, I want to reduce the amount of money taxpayers have to pay to operate our government, period. This provides more freedom to the taxpayer to spend their money the way they choose.

I don’t speak in code, the state should properly fund our schools, foster economic development, promote the health and safety of all Iowans, provide the necessary infrastructure to support its population and insure we enjoy as much freedom and liberty as possible.

I don’t speak in code, I am pro-life, believe in traditional virtues — marriage between a man and woman, that men use men’s restrooms, and women use women’s restrooms. And I may not speak in Political Correctness.

There are many important decisions facing our state, I would like to provide a voice of reason in the decision making process.

I am grateful that The Gazette offers this opportunity to inform readers about our politicians. I want you to know what kind of politician you can vote for in November. I don’t speak in code. If you want to know what I stand for, ask me.

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