Candidate column: Dave Cork

I’m Dave Cork, running for the Iowa House District 70 in Cedar Rapids, as a Libertarian. I am a Marine Corps Veteran who participated in Operation Earnest Will, and Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I’ve been an Iowa resident my entire adult life, and have lived in Cedar Rapids for almost twenty years.

As I start my political pitch, please know first and foremost that I’m not a politician; I’m a regular guy who happens to be running for office. I am politically aware, but I am not going to pretend that I have all of the answers. I’m running for office because like many of you, I’m frustrated with politics as usual, and I believe the only way I can say I’ve done everything I can to change the status quo is to throw my hat in the ring.

There are several things about the system that bother me, but I’m going to summarize my feelings before discussing specifics: I believe that both the Democrats and Republicans have infringed on our personal freedoms. I am going to fight to restore our individual liberties. I want to outlaw Civil Asset Forfeiture. I want to significantly restrict Eminent Domain use. I want to outlaw speed cameras. I believe that career politicians undermine the political process, and want to enact term limits. I believe that money corrupts the political process, and I am neither soliciting nor accepting campaign contributions this election cycle.

I believe that hyperpartisan bickering has contributed to our current state of legislative affairs. I plan to go to Des Moines with an open mind and a willingness to work with my fellow lawmakers, instead of digging in my heels and resisting any deviation from what I think is best. In conjunction with that, I am aware that the majority of my constituents may disagree with my position on a given issue. My job is to represent you, not to use the legislature to get what I want.

I cordially invite you to research my full platform at If there is an area where you disagree, I invite you to talk to me publicly. I will answer publicly. The same applies if there’s something I haven’t discussed that’s important to you. This applies even if you are not in my district.

Thanks for your consideration,

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