After Moore mess, America needs more women

Men have always run governments, and governments have always been bad

Roy Moore smiles while his wife Kayla delivers remarks during a rally in Midland City. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman
Roy Moore smiles while his wife Kayla delivers remarks during a rally in Midland City. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama means one thing: A creepy fake conservative will not serve in the U.S. Senate.

It doesn’t get rid of all the other fake conservatives in Washington, D.C. It doesn’t erase centuries of bad policy. And it doesn’t do anything to fix the broken system that continues to elevate people like Moore to power.

The Alabama voters and organizers who defeated Moore should be proud of their historic achievement, but the rest of us should hold off on congratulating ourselves. Much work remains to be done.

Moore’s opponent Doug Jones managed a double-digit lead among women, fueled by nearly 100 percent of black women’s votes. I hope the women and people of color who were jolted into action by the Alabama special election will find ways to stay involved. America needs their voices now more than ever.

The teen predator allegations against Moore seem credible to me, but he was unfit for office long before they came to light.

Moore is a big-government phony. He repeatedly showed over 40 years in public life he does not value individual liberty. He once said the United States would be better off getting rid of all the constitutional amendments after the Bill of Rights.

Men like Moore have always been attracted to power. I think it’s time we stop putting them in office.

Many of my fellow conservatives use history and biology to defend the outsized role of men in government. Men have always run governments, they point out, so leadership must be an inherent male quality; it just ain’t natural to give so much power to the gentler sex.

And yet every single one of the governments men have forged throughout history has been violent and corrupt, to varying degrees but without exception. Maybe we could at least see what would happen if women were equally represented in government?

It’s cliche but true, you shouldn’t vote for someone based solely based on their demographics. That’s not what I’m calling for.

The charge to elect more women must start well before election day. Party activists and donors should make it part of their candidate recruitment plans. If they don’t, they will surely suffer more embarrassing defeats like Alabama Republicans just experienced.

Having women in government matters. Consider the Iowa Senate’s embarrassing sexual harassment scandal. A Republican staffer was fired after she complained about workplace harassment, and the state is now forced to pay a $1.75 million settlement.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Senate Republican officials have repeatedly attempted to hide details about the case and their response. The men in charge didn’t release their internal investigation until after Gov. Kim Reynolds and House Speaker Linda Upmeyer publicly called on them to do so.

Reynolds and Upmeyer are hardly radical social justice warriors, and few would question their conservative credentials. Still, if men held those offices, it seems likely the Senate would still be hiding their bad behavior from taxpayers.

Moore lost this week, but it won’t be long before another Moore creeps into national politics. Be ready.

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