24 hour Dorman

Enjoying mandated leisure time

So we’re back from our Branscation.

I named our family’s time off last week in honor of Gov. Terry Branstad, because he made it ... »

A rose to the goldfinch and thistle

By Todd Dorman, 24 Hour Dorman

One thing that grows without hesitation in our suburban compacted clay dreamscape are thistles.

My wife ... »

Lawmakers bow to the bulldozer

Senate President Pam Jochum asked a critical question Tuesday as a legislative panel considered the fate of a rule requiring builders to restore at ... »

Linn Supervisors reluctant to downsize

So Kevin Kula of Coggon stood before the five-member Linn County Board of Supervisors Monday morning, urging them to ... »

Will legislators stop the topsoil bulldozer?

After more than a year of watching a bureaucratic bulldozer driven by homebuilding interests clobber Iowa’s 4-inch topsoil rule, some electe ... »

Sounding the alarm on equality

It’s starting to get loud in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. I’m talking grab-your-earplugs loud.

On Tuesday, Democra ... »

For better, for worse, for mulcher, for bagger

And now for your lawn mower news update.

On Friday, Iowa U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley tweeted a p ... »

Tone down for what? Water quality issue won’t go away, governor

Tone it down, water drinkers.

That was Gov. Terry Branstad’s basic message this past week when asked about the Des Moi ... »

Scanning for interest in policy

Prepare to be scanned, Cedar Rapidians.

Your City Council on Tuesday, “without council or public comment” as Rick Smith ... »

Summer’s swarm of warnings

Ah, summer.

Sweet corn, tomatoes and a swarm of media reports and official warnings on all the ways summer can snuff us out like a citronell ... »

We’ve been Trumped, but don’t worry, Iowans

So I’m not losing any sleep over Donald Trump.

Being conscious, most of the time, I can’t help but notice others are more work ... »

Branstad energizes Democrats

Iowa Democrats gave out their ... »

Find a place to disconnect before summer’s over

My cellular provider has a series of TV ads claiming its powerful coverage will reach unexpected places. One insists “now the middle of nowh ... »

A wide open race for mayor in Marion

So Mayor Snooks is moving on.

‘I was on the fence for a while,” said Marion Mayor Allen “Snooks” Bouska, who tol ... »

The ‘stache always knows best in Iowa

Fun fact: Iowa is the only state with a ‘stache-cameral form of government. It’s true.

Sure, civics class taught us a bunch of ... »