24 hour Dorman

Who needs a General Assembly?

Sometimes, you have to wonder why we bother electing a General Assembly. A governor, apparently, is all we need.

For fresh evidence, look no ... »

Speeder Trapids calling. To pay now, press one

Ring … Ring … Ring.

Hello, this is the city of Cedar Rapids’ automated speed enforcement system collections division. ... »

The Week — Sacred cows and Doc Carson’s war on bias

The Week — an irregular feature, back by no demand whatsoever.


Promises Branstad didn’t keep

So our governor’s words have come back to haunt him, and this time the punches are coming from his right.

In 2010, candidate Terry Br ... »

Bill’s Drinking Establishment bids farewell to Marion

In my humble opinion, Bill’s Drinking Establishment in Marion was a perfect bar.

It was uncomplicated and unpretentious. It was friend ... »

Hogg starts an uphill campaign

WATERLOO — Just 20 miles from New Hartford, where U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley famously farms, mows his lawn and crafts his brand of “com ... »

A Linn County board seat turns blue

So Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson has switched teams.

“Yeah, I re-registered to vote on Friday as a Democrat,” said Oleson ... »

CR mulls Coralville runoff rule

Amy Foster, stormwater coordinator for the city of Coralville, points to a recently constructed housing subdivision in her city as proof that a loc ... »

Connecting the dots to clean up Iowa water

Behind a high-profile lawsuit and plenty of politically charged rural-urban finger-pointing, smart people are searching for ways to clean up Iowa&# ... »

Dressing the windows yet again

Brand spanking new University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld may become a terrific president, the stuff of legend and song. Or he may prove to be ... »

Sorry governor, you’ve been Trumped

Warning: Satire.

Ring ... Ring ... Ring.

Dez Perate Political Consulting. If you’re way behind, get Dez Perate.

This is D ... »

Library levy needs explanation

Hey, it’s just 23 bucks.

That’s an estimate of what a 27-cent library property tax levy would cost the owner of a $150,000 hom ... »

A thinking-it-over tank takes shape

While we gobbled po’boys, Mayor Ron Corbett told me how he plans to enrich Iowa’s political debate.

We were in a booth last wee ... »

Time to get involved in Marion library discussion

Sometimes, when there’s trouble ahead, you’ve got to pump the brakes.

That’s what the ... »