Big ROI in living a grateful life

Did the Thanksgiving holiday help you to physically feel better? If not, you may have been doing it wrong.

Researchers have found that peopl ... »

Feasting on a big plate of thankful

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Here's what I'm thankful for, as far as you know.

I'm thankful for our dog Scuttle, because he only b ... »

Taking back? Give it a rest

It's the season of giving. But the country, apparently, remains ripe for the taking.

#x201c;We have to take our country back,#x201d; said Re ... »

Rewards and requirements for our elementary teachers

We have just two kids in our home, and most of our days operate on a frayed, wobbly tightrope between chaos and fiasco.

Rhonda King has 21 fi ... »

Plans for potential pipeline problems should be public

Last week, Todd Stamm, vice president of the company that would operate the proposed Bakken oil pipeline, told Iowa Utilities Board members that th ... »

Learn to live despite risk, fear

Although only a handful of people know it, there was a time when I couldn't get behind the wheel of a car without having a panic attack.

It ... »

Morning Branstad was right

Gov. Terry Branstad couldn't let his inner voice of reason override his political weather vane, even if it seemed on Monday we had one governor in ... »

Corbett’s think tank has ideas

So Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett's #x201c;Engage Iowa#x201d; think tank has released its very first thought - ... »

For ‘fun-size’ Ella, it is all about the bass

By Todd Dorman, 24 Hour Dorman

If you ever hope to dissuade my daughter, Ella, from a potentially ill-conceived course of action, never play ... »

Missouri professor no longer deserves position

University of Missouri Assistant Professor of Communication Melissa Click must be fired.

If you've watched the video, then you are hereby exc ... »

Let’s remember, mourn all changed by Vietnam

No matter how personal or distant the connection, it's difficult to reconcile emotions surrounding the Vietnam War.

Several readers, many of ... »

Cedar Rapids soil rule put on hold for the holidays

So the city's effort to require replacement of topsoil or other runoff-absorbing materials on finished construction sites is on shakier ground than ... »

The firm hand hits rough seas

Chet Culver popped to mind last week, for some reason.

Maybe it's because the current governor who unseated Culver in 2010 by highlighting t ... »

Signs point to a CR topsoil ordinance

Back in September, when a Cedar Rapids City Council committee commenced a 60-day process crafting an ordinance directing topsoil restoration on fin ... »

Moving beyond projects to philosophy

Since returning from the National Rural Assembly I've been reaching out to small town leaders and advocates with a question: #x201c;Why does so lit ... »