Time for action to clean Iowa’s waterways

DES MOINES — Iowa’s water quality debate suffers from a deep urgency gap.

“I’m really hopeful that this is the fi ... »

Article was not a balanced report

To the editor:

While it’s laudable to review the facts around School Tuition Organizations (“ ... »

Immigration forum will target ugly rhetoric

Young people with handmade signs and women wearing ankle tracking devices surrounded several members of Congress to relay their real-life horror st ... »

Ensuring opportunities for Lisbon students

The start of a new school year brings with it the chance for our children to explore new opportunities and learn and build upon the foundation of t ... »

Don’t give out personal information

To the editor:

It never ceases to amaze me how people who ordinarily are concerned about their personal information being compromised will, ... »

John Laverty is a dedicated leader

To the editor:

As a longtime Cedar Rapids volunteer, business person and active community member, I know how critical it is to have elected ... »

Political Cartoon

It’s time to raise the wage

Having grown up in poverty and being raised by a single mother, I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my family and having to make tough ... »

Topsoil decision was disappointing

To the editor:

I am disappointed but not surprised that the Administrative Rules Review Committee rubber stamped the poorly conceived revisi ... »

DeLoach will make ICCSD board stronger

To the editor:

On Sept. 8 we have an opportunity to significantly reshape our school board.

In a field of great candidates, there is ... »

Meet school board candidates at tonight’s forum

This September, the people of Cedar Rapids will be asked to vote for members of the Cedar Rapids Community School District’s school board. R ... »

Politics, religion topic of lunch-and-learn

To the editor:

Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth (R-Missouri) is someone I respect for his keen insights, thoughtful articulation and gentle ma ... »

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Stop and listen to authorities

To the editor:

One question and one comment for today’s youth: “Where did you learn that when a cop tells you to do something ... »

Misconceptions can cause harm

To the editor:

Regarding the Aug. 9 article “ ... »