Kalona lawyer accused of harassing juror

Lawyer was convicted of disorderly conduct in March

Raymond Tinnian
Raymond Tinnian

CORALVILLE — A Kalona attorney who was convicted of disorderly conduct earlier this year is accused of harassing a juror in that case.

According to Coralville police criminal complaints, officers responded to an address in Coralville on June 25 for a report of vandalism. Police said the residence had the words “GUILTY” and “JUSTICE” spray painted on the garage and home.

In addition to the spray paint, police said a letter was found at the residence that read, “NO COPS OR YOU WONT (sic) LIVE TO SEE 70. I WATCH YOU I SEE YOUR EVERY MOVE.”

Police said the victim was a juror in a case involving 54-year-old Raymond M. Tinnian, a lawyer who lives in Kalona. Tinnian was the defendant in a disorderly conduct case and was found guilty by a jury in March. He was fined $625 in April.

In that case, Tinnian was accused of assaulting a man in Coralville who confronted him about walking his dog off-leash and allowing the dog to defecate on the victim’s yard without picking it up.

“Tinnian hit the victim,” said Coralville Lt. Shane Kron. “He claimed he was defending himself and was arrested.”

According to the criminal complaint, immediately after the verdict, the resident received a letter addressed to her and the other jurors. That letter later led to a complaint to the Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board, police said.

Charles Harrington, Assistant Director for Attorney Discipline, said complaint files are confidential and no information was available on Tinnian.

“I cannot confirm or deny we have a file on this matter,” Harrington said Tuesday.

Generally speaking, Harrington said a conviction for disorderly conduct would not be enough for the disciplinary board to impose a temporary suspension. Instead, the matter would be passed on to the state’s Grievance Commission, which would investigate and make a recommendation regarding the suspension of an attorney’s license. That process would “almost certainly” take longer than six months, Harrington said.

Tinnian has been arrested and faces charges of tampering with a witness or juror, an aggravated misdemeanor; first-degree harassment, an aggravated misdemeanor; and fourth-degree criminal mischief, a serious misdemeanor.