Flood Recovery

Cedar Rapids closes in on final flood control lines

CEDAR RAPIDS - Engineering and design consultants Tuesday unveiled a proposed near-final alignment of the city's coming flood control system, which ... »

No luck for now with D.C. funding request for Cedar Rapids flood control project

CEDAR RAPIDS - In early December, Mayor Ron Corbett and City Manager Jeff Pomeranz went to Washington, D.C., seeking to get mention of the city's f ... »

More than 6 years of talk about flood control in Cedar Rapids nearing end

CEDAR RAPIDS - City officials and their engineering consultants have been talking about the possible alignment and look of a coming flood-control s ... »

Cedar Rapids to spread some house reconstruction funding to city’s outskirts

CEDAR RAPIDS - New housing developments on the city's outskirts will benefit from federal disaster dollars that once had to be spent exclusively in ... »

Cedar Rapids housing projects awarded $15.66 million in federal disaster funding

CEDAR RAPIDS - The former Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co. office building secured $3.12 million in federal disaster funds Thursday, which will hel ... »

City of Cedar Rapids drops fight with FEMA over consultants

CEDAR RAPIDS - City officials have thrown in the towel in their dispute with the Federal Emergency Management Agency over high-priced fees for cons ... »

Bertram works to replace bridge lost to 2014 flooding

BERTRAM - City officials here are making plans to replace an historic, one-lane bridge that flash flooding in June knocked down into Big Creek belo ... »

Mayor, city manager return from ‘tough’ task in D.C.

CEDAR RAPIDS - Flood control for the city is a three-legged stool when it comes to funding, according to Mayor Ron Corbett.

That's because st ... »

Couple’s new home gives glimpse of future for Wellington Heights

CEDAR RAPIDS - Josh and Alyssa Hulme say they've gotten themselves a little piece of heaven on a corner lot in Wellington Heights, the southeast Ce ... »