Mishaps are part of a live performance

HS journalism: West Delaware production of 'All Shook Up' taught lessons

As senior Mariah Seeley tries to hide her dream from senior Tristan Voelker, Voelker demands an answer from her. (Madalynn Burke/West Delaware senior)
As senior Mariah Seeley tries to hide her dream from senior Tristan Voelker, Voelker demands an answer from her. (Madalynn Burke/West Delaware senior)

MANCHESTER — With live performances come the possibility of mishaps.

At West Delaware’s performances of “All Shook Up” last month, several mishaps did occur, helping students quickly learn the importance of “the show must go on.”

Senior Tristan Voelker played the role of Chad. He was scripted to ride a motorcycle across the stage, but the motorcycle began dying toward the end of his song. The stage crew hustled on stage to retrieve the bike and realized the battery was dead. The crew quickly hooked the motorcycle up to a car battery used to run the gas station’s light.

“I tried to move the motorcycle first by myself, but it was super heavy,” Voelker said. “So then I just left and hoped someone else would move it.”

A few scenes later, the motorcycle was supposed to enter the stage again. This time, it was senior Mariah Seeley’s turn to ride the motorcycle across the stage.

“I went to rev the engine on the motorcycle to prepare for my entrance, and the whole motorcycle shut off,” Seeley said.

Since the motorcycle did not start, Seeley missed her cue to enter the stage, leaving Voelker and senior Alex Zumbach on stage with no other option but to improv.

“Tristan and I looked at each other and just kept the scene going,” Zumbach said. “We ended up just making up a few lines to cover the mistake.

“I don’t think anyone even noticed.”


Nearing the end of Act 1, the audio board shut down. None of the microphones were amplifying the actors’ voices.

“We were told to project our lines and sing the song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ without the microphones and cover up the mistake smoothly,” Seeley said. “The audience didn’t even realize it.”

The cast and crew learned teamwork is a huge factor in covering up mishaps.

“With everyone working together, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve or cover smoothly,” Seeley said. “We handle ourselves with professionalism and continue to give the best shows we can possibly give.”



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