Digital Marketing: Focus on goal-focused marketing integration

Don't chase every new thing

Regina Gilloon Meyer
Regina Gilloon Meyer

It’s easy to get diverted with the next big thing and lose sight of your overall marketing goals. For example, as part of his promotional tour for the iPhone 7 release, Apple’s Tim Cook caused a stir when he told the folks on “Good Morning America” that augmented reality (AR) would be bigger than virtual reality.

If this summer’s Pokémon GO craze awoke marketers to the potential of AR, Cook’s predictions are sure to create a new wave of interest in the technology. But when it comes to meeting your overall marketing goals, “new” may not necessarily translate to “new and improved.”

Strategy, Not Tactics

Adverting in AR will be just another touch point for marketers to blend into their digital strategy. Do you think your audience will respond to AR games or apps? Or are they more likely to adopt the latest social media platform? Or whatever actually makes sense for their lifestyle?

Consider your audience and goals first before you adopt a new marketing tactic or channel.

Keep in mind that “new” will only take up a small portion of your customer’s time every day, but they still are spending a huge portion of their time online, in a variety of activities. Rely on just one digital marketing tactic such as social media or PPC (pay-per-click) and you will miss huge opportunities the rest of the time.

One of our clients, for example, sponsors a giveaway contest every year at Iowa State Fair because it knows a significant number of new and potential clients attend. This year, we added digital marketing tactics to their traditional marketing strategy.

Raising awareness was critical. First, we created striking new creative assets to promote that contest and then added fresh content on their website. We then promoted the contest through social media, PPC and targeted ads.

For mobile users at the fair, we used location marketing to serve ads in popular apps — such as Facebook or Pokémon GO — as fairgoers strolled around the fairgrounds and nearby areas.


Contestants could enter the contest using mobile-friendly online forms. This provided an easy to use pool for selecting the daily winners and provided contact information for future email marketing campaigns. Overall, the contest was a resounding success and our client now has more actionable leads than ever for future marketing efforts — the ultimate goal of the campaign.

Measure Results, Not Channels

So what marketing “touch” got credit for each new lead? Was it the first message they saw? The last-touch? The level of engagement?

There was activity in every channel, and it was obvious most people saw multiple messages. We believe that in the end using several tactics produced more leads, the ultimate goal of the campaign, than previous strategies using traditional marketing methods alone.

If you have different people or vendors working in silos, it’s tough to see how different tactics work together. Businesses either double down on what’s worked in the past, instead of trying something new, or give up on a tactic too soon because the assists it delivers aren’t measured properly.

To avoid judging each channel in isolation, it’s important to look at your success in terms of how well you are reaching your overall audience, not just comparing one channel to another. That’s reality.



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