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On Topic: Scary times for poultry farmers

Let's start in the land of fiction, where we often bury ideas to see if the world is ready for them.

In Michael Connelly's 1993 novel #x201c; ... »

On Topic: What next, Mr. Draper?

#x201c;It's a hoot.#x201d; - Joan Harris, on her job at a 1960s advertising agency.

It seems worth noting - at least to the former English ma ... »

On Topic: Art and commerce, not always peanut butter and jelly

Commerce - the engine that turns the world, as author Ayn Rand would tell us - hasn't always sat comfortably next to art - the vision that aspires ... »

On Topic: A woman’s perspective

The Association of American University Women released a report this spring that puts a bit of a drag on the celebratory nature of this month's Nati ... »

On Topic: Economists cite ‘dangerous sense of complacency’

About a half-dozen years ago, during the depth of the Great Recession, for a story I was writing on supply-chain issues for the metals industry, I ... »

On Topic: Not-so private eyes, they’re watching you

It was without a trace of irony when my wife said, #x201c;It was in the news.#x201d;

I'd pointed out what appeared to me to be the amazing co ... »

On Topic: The big story

I could be seriously wrong about this, but I'd put down money that one of the biggest stories of the 2010s will be a business story - oil.

N ... »