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On Topic: Breathe, relax — wait, what …?

In the inverted V position, slowly straighten your knees. Slowly ..

Staring down at the basement floor, I can't ... »

Emerging Leaders: The 5 key people you need in your network

If you're an aspiring emerging leader, part of your ongoing development plan should be to expand your network.

Having a network of strong w ... »

Social Media: Are you making your marketing?

What the hell is all that noise?

That thought was going through my head as I traversed the crowded hallways of the Austin Convention Center a ... »

Law column: Marijuana in your workplace

Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America, behind alcohol and tobacco. It is estimated that nearly 100 million Americans use ... »

Digital Marketing: Graduates, your learning is just beginning

Marketing graduates, you may be saying goodbye to the classroom, but the real learning curve is just beginning. You picked one of the most dynamic ... »

On Topic: Why millennials matter

I considered starting out like this:

How many millennials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Who knows - none of them stick aro ... »

Emerging Leaders: How to improve your speaking presentation in 15 minutes

You know how 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance?

Well, believe it or not, 15 minutes also is the amount of ti ... »

Social Media: Mail Kimp matters

There are many things about traditional media that are broken. However, traditional media dynamics such as top-of-mind awareness and word-of-mouth ... »

Law: Fragrances and other odors in the workplace

Nice cologne - but must you marinate in it?

All of us have sat next to people who smell as if they've dunked themselves in perfume. As a youn ... »

On Topic: Scary times for poultry farmers

Let's start in the land of fiction, where we often bury ideas to see if the world is ready for them.

In Michael Connelly's 1993 novel #x201c; ... »

Digital Marketing: In content promotion, you must be present to win

One of our clients recently won a customer service award from a national review site dedicated to the client's industry. Elated, the client wanted ... »

On Topic: What next, Mr. Draper?

#x201c;It's a hoot.#x201d; - Joan Harris, on her job at a 1960s advertising agency.

It seems worth noting - at least to the former English ma ... »

Social media: We’re no longer in the communications business

On a recent family vacation, we took our kids to Legoland in Schaumburg, Ill. It was a fun experience in more ways than one.

For anyone who's ... »

On Topic: Art and commerce, not always peanut butter and jelly

Commerce - the engine that turns the world, as author Ayn Rand would tell us - hasn't always sat comfortably next to art - the vision that aspires ... »

Tech Connect: Hostage taking on the Internet

In the good old days (a few years ago), we users of the Internet had to deal with pranksters, vandals and thieves. Software designed to break into ... »