Time Machine

Time Machine: Carl Van Vechten

“I am determined never again to visit that unloved town,” Carl Van Vechten once said of his hometown of Cedar Rapids.

His disd ... »

Time Machine: Greene’s Opera House

CEDAR RAPIDS — Judge George Greene was one of Cedar Rapids’ founders, an Iowa legislator and Iowa Supreme Court justice as well as an ... »

Time Machine: The ‘Black Block’

CEDAR RAPIDS — The four-story Washington High School opened in August 1891, replacing its much smaller predecessor. It stood where the Cedar ... »

Time Machine: The Blair House

CEDAR RAPIDS — The Blair House in Washington, D.C., was built in 1824 as a private home. The Blair House that served as city hall in Washingt ... »

Time Machine: Allamakee County’s Iron Hill

CEDAR RAPIDS — Cedar Rapids Mayor John M. Redmond visited the new iron fields in Allamakee County, a few miles north of Waukon, in December ... »

Time Machine: The parking meter

CEDAR RAPIDS — The first parking meter, the Magee-Hale Park-O-Meter No. 1 was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935.

Carlton Col ... »

Time Machine: Shellsburg’s Sells Street Bridge

BENTON COUNTY — The historic bridge at Shellsburg's front door is showing its age. The balustrades on the approaches are crumbling and some o ... »

Time Machine: Cedar Rapids’ drum and bugle corps

CEDAR RAPIDS — The Cedar Rapids Playground Drum and Bugle Corps was the first of a series of junior corps (for boys between 10 and 18) in Ce ... »

Time Machine: Italian race car finds its way to Cedar Rapids

The Giaur Lancia Moretti, a rare Italian race car, was being built for Italian Formula One driver Felice Bonetto, who planned to race it in 1953 in ... »

Time Machine: The Liberty Bell

CEDAR RAPIDS — After an unusually wet, cold and rainy Fourth of July holiday, Eastern Iowans were excited on July 7, 1915, to see the arriva ... »

Time Machine: The Decker House

GALENA — A young hardware and leather dealer from Galena, Ill., often traveled to Maquoketa on business, according to an often-told tale. ... »

Time Machine: 1970 Wadena Rock Festival

WADENA — “It had all the elements, people, drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, lawsuits, tripped-out hippies and parents look ... »

Time Machine: Cedar Bluff

CEDAR BLUFF — Cedar Bluff, on the banks of the Cedar River, west of Tipton in Cedar County, never made it to incorporated status, although i ... »

Time Machine: C.R. patrolman in 1957 killed man wanted for writing bad checks

Marion Reed grew up on his family’s poultry hatchery on 42nd Street NE. He married Janet Smith in 1951 while he worked as manager of McLeod ... »

Time Machine: House of teachers

CEDAR RAPIDS — George M. Olmsted had been ill, but seemed to be improving when in December 1896 he moved his family into the new Queen Anne ... »